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Note about listings on home page: We do NOT link directly to websites from the home page unless this has been requested and discussed by yourself and the webmaster. Listings that appear on the home page are all linked to the details page of that listing Never directly to the home page.
This website is Not and will never be a link farm, link exchange or similar

We believe content is important which is why we link to the details page of each listing and NOT directly outbound.

This website is not actively modified to try and manipulate any particular search engine.

To put simply this website runs on a directory script that has been heavily modified in a search engine friendly way so that when a search engine does navigate this site it will be able to quickly and correctly determine the subject of that particular page. Some of the ways we do this is as follows: Title headers at the top of each page with a description further below. URL's are formatted in a search engine friendly way. On top of that metatags are used to help search engines further understand the subject of the page.

As I have said I do not actively modify to suit any particular search engine but I have ensured that each and every page does have relevant subject matter and is not just a bunch of random links. You can however makes your own decision about this.

Links are accepted or refused based on the quality of the site submitted.
Whether you are submitting your website or browsing, we hope you have a pleasurable time here.
Please submit your sites to the deepest possible category that matches your site. Only Featured links will be accepted into root categories.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. I will be happy to listen.

Jamie - AllSkyTV Webmaster

Thank you!

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