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UK Web UK is a new UK specific web directory that promises to have a bright future. Strict guidelines must be followed in order to make the cut.
What to look for when considering a guinea pig as a pet, and how to care for your guinea pig.
A short article to help inspire those who would like to try drawing as a hobby or even a profession.
This mod will display the last 5 approved submissions on your homepage or wherever you display the code. But rather than a direct link to the listings it links to the listings details page. Mod is based on Last 5 Links from
This mod will allow you to set expiration time in months for free links on your phpld link directory.
This mod makes article pages search engine friendly in phpld 3.2 For example the url becomes instead of
Articles and tutorials for directory owners including free PHPld mods
A list of articles about Search engine optimisation.
A complete list of free PHPld mods. All working in phpld 3.2
A guide to installing a deep link mod for phpld 3.2
A descriptive list of must 27 have seo tools.
A short and easy tutorial to get a PR4 website
Here is a list of directory scripts and a description of the features.
Tutorial to display Balloon on mouseover on sponsored links.

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"Even if you don't grasp any of the math and only have a half a clue of what it’s all about, don't worry. At least by reading it, you may never understand what it is or what it does: But Garcia certainly emphasizes what it isn't."

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